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Fluctuating temperatures causes Mumbaikars to fall sick
Date : 8th Jan, 2016 by Prakriti Jash

The recent fluctuations in temperature have left Mumbai reeling in aftershocks and have left them vulnerable to illness.

About a week back, the maximum and minimum temperatures had dropped due to the flow of the northern winds says V.K. Rajeev, director of the Indian Meteorological Department

"For the last few days, an easterly wind has been flowing towards Mumbai, Maharashtra in general,” says Rajeev. “This easterly wind is coming from places which are not as cold as Mumbai. This causes the minimum temperature to rise 2 to 3 degrees and the maximum temperature to rise 3 to 4 degrees."

From 20th December, 2015, the temperature has been fluctuating with 31 degrees on the 20th with a drop to 28 degrees on the 23rd. From 24th December, 2015 to 29th December, 2015, the temperature had soared to 36 degrees, with a sudden drop on the 30th with a temperature of 29 degrees.

“Temperature in Mumbai during winters depends on the wind direction,” Rajeev adds. Due to temperature fluctuations, people also suffer from a variety of illness. Dr. Suchitra Manjula, an independent general physician says that due to seasonal changes and temperature fluctuations, many people suffer from viral infections.

“Usually due to fluctuating weather, people suffer from upper respiratory tract infection,” says Dr. Manjula. “Children suffer from various conditions due to fluctuating weather and temperature like bronchitis and pneumonitis.”

According to Dr. Manjula, a lot of people also suffer from an upset stomach caused by a viral or bacterial infection. Many people also suffer from migraine and sinusitis headaches.

"For the last few days, I was having a really bad headache,” says Nanda, a resident of Santosh Nagar. “After I consulted a doctor at the nearby hospital, he told me that I was having a sinusitis headache and that it was caused due to fluctuating temperature."

"A sudden drop in the temperature in the surrounding areas can cause havoc on the health of individuals,” says Dr. Anil Indradas Meshram, a doctor working with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). “The main systems which are affected are respiratory system and the joints."

"People generally suffer from skin problems when such temperature fluctuations happen,” says Dr. P. J. Kewat, a practising homeopath in Goregaon. “Problems like itching and psoriasis aggravate during these times. This happens because the body does not have enough time to acclimate to such temperature changes."

Most people come to our medical store with a prescription for various cold and cough medication like Sinarest and NoCold from their personal doctors says Mohan, an employee of Ambika Medical Store on Film City Road.